Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Curing Atheles Foot, the CDC Way, who needs a Podiatrist?

If you wish to cure athletes foot, you can go to doctors who will recommend clothmazole and tell you it may take several years. After 40 years of doing this with no success, I finally started researching it. On the CDC website I learned of a different drug, terbinafine hydrochloride cream, 1%, antifungal cream, available over the counter. I also learned that soap and water might be good, and a thorough drying, but that 70% rubbing alcohol works much better.

Started this regime in January this year, got sloppy, and stopped using the cream after 4 to 6 weeks, as problem seemed way much better. After another 4 -6 weeks, stopped using the alcohol, and still the problem is fixed. WTF? Why did I line the pockets of so many podiatrists who never tried this? I post this from time to time just to get the anger over this out of my system.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Trashing the Teachers & Reaping the Whirlwind.

Golly gee, after two decades of teacher trash talk (and Union Bosses trash talk), guess what?  By God millennials are saying, "No Thanks" to teaching careers.  Result, teacher shortage.

No surprise, they went through schools where parents, kids, principal, school boards and the republican party and especially the Tea Party, basically disrespected teachers every which way possible, for the millennials entire K-12 careers.

Yea for poorly paying voucher schools, if you use inferior materials and tools and cash starved teacher, you get inferior citizens, and that suits the ultra rich just fine, they can hire brains from abroad when they need them.

 Their message to former middle class American citizens, "Die, just Die!"

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Religion, the Important Part of It, Explained.

I will tell you what is absolutely certain, and gets to the heart of the matter, what happens to the "me" that's "me," when I die?

There are three possibilities, and each shares a 1/3 probability of happening.

Things are worse, and this would include complete non existence. The only plus to that one is that you will not be around to moan the fact. It would also include, you picked the wrong religion, and the right one has terrible things in store for you.

Things are the same, Heaven has its problems, you are reincarnated as a human of approximately the same status as your current self, you can kinda be your current self all over again, etc.

Things are better. You picked the right religion, or God doesn't give a damn about which religion you picked, he says, "come on in, join the party!" You get your 72 virgins, your powder snow forever, your prince charming, or reunited with your loved ones, friends etc. Whatever you want, you get.

All three possibilities have an equal chance of being in our futures.

So, two out of three, if you are sort of happy now, you'll be sorta happy then, or even ecstatic. I like those odds.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

On Overdriving Your Reflexes, and Bicyclists

So the point is, "Do you value going faster than your reflexes will allow you to stop, more than the value of your vehicle?"

Here's the deal. I had a 100 lb rock roll off the mountainside and in front of my car, which hit it, while it was still in mo

The insurance company gave me the third degree over whether or not it had stopped rolling.

It hit the right front tire, I was doing less than the limit, 30 mph going up from the S Yuba bridge towards NSJ. It popped the whole truck up in the air, and the truck came down on that rock, squarely on the transmission. It totaled the truck.

It took a month or so to get the $6,000 from the insurance company, as they were determined to get me to say that the rock was stationary, even if for only one second. If they could do that, then I was at fault, and they would not have had to pay one red cent.

So overdrive your reflexes, hit a stationary object or one which you could have stopped for, and you can lose the entire value of your vehicle. You have been warned.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Paying Up Front, to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies

Simple simple, money to those between 13 and 24. 95% vouchers for schooling, 5% mad cash, matched if they save it rather than spend it. Must not get preggers, must not get someone preggers, boys must submit DNA to be eligible. End result, college funded in part, young adults with education and cash to get started in life.

If they do become or get someone preggers, one year time out, for both guy and girl, no voucher, no mad money. Amount of vouchers/mad money, dependent on what the state can afford, as determined by legislatures, or possible even a vote, on a yearly basis.

Money saved from not paying for early pregnant and dysfunctional families; and money from increased future tax revenues from a more productive populace, will more than recover the costs of initial setup.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...."

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Root Causes of Racism

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When the bottom is so far removed from the top, and far removed from even humane, there comes a need to believe that no matter how far down you are, at least you are better than "X". And this can be based on the amount of melanin in the skin tissue, the sexual orientation, the latitude and longitude of your point of birth, even the location in a Zodiac chart, the religion, or even just the gender.

This explains why, "yes, there are racists of every color and gender." Because if you believe that you are worthless, suicide offers the only other course out. Contemplating suicide brings about anger, and anger brings about racism, at least in the lower economic echelons. For the rich, it is often just a justification for being a selfish unsharing person. See Helmsley and The Little People.

"A judge ruled that Harry Helmsley was not mentally competent to stand trial, but Leona was convicted of evading $1.7 million (£850,000) in taxes and sent to prison in 1992 in Connecticut, where she served 18 months.

While she may have been tough on employees, Helmsley was lovingly dedicated to her husband. "My fairy tale is over," she said when Harry died in 1997 at age 87. "I lived a magical life with Harry."

Harry left her his entire fortune, which was likely worth about $1.7 billion, at the time of his death. Leona sold many of the Helmsley holdings and in 2007 Forbes magazine estimated her fortune had increased to $2.5 billion.

She retired as the face of the hotel chain but continued to run it. In 2002, a former employee, Charles Bell, sued her for being fired for being homosexual and was paid $554,000 in damages.

The Helmsleys had no children but Leona Helmsley had a son from a previous marriage"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Google's Overly Complicated Nest of Passwords is Absurd.

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Now it wants me to be by my phone to receive a call with a number, or use one of a list of numbers I'm supposed to print out.  If I don't do the Google Two Step, then unspecified Apps on my Android phone will fail.  In addition, those apps now have passwords, that are called app passwords, and are also managed by Google.  These are also subject to fails if I go to uninstall.   Seems to be designed to get me to give Google my cell phone number.  I will instead take this Blog off of Google Blogspot and put it where Google can't touch it.  Bleepheads!  Wasted 4 hours making previously working apps work again.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

"One Tire Over the Line, Sweet Jesus..."

"One Tire Over the Line, Sweet Jesus..."

One tire over the line, Sweet Jesus,
One tire over the line.
Gett'in towed uphill to Nevada City,
One tire over the line.

This is for those folks who have a hard time remembering the rules for parking at the 49'er South Yuba River Bridge.

I would love to see a chorus of CHP officers, singing this, backed up by Achilles Wheel, videoed on the Old S Yuba Bridge.  Would be happy to write more verses, collaborate too, would probably also need a lawyer negotiator to avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit.  Any money collected could be used for the CHP Christmas Toy Drive.  I'm sure we'd all rather see the CHP ticketing unsafe drivers in motion, than having to waste their time messing with inconsiderate and illegal parkers.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Cell Phones and Schools

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We need an app that goes like this. Every time a student picks up his phone during class hours, regardless of what for, the start and ending times of activity are noted. The data is transmitted via wifi to the school's admin, and an email or text, of the data is sent to the parents at the end of each day. This avoids having the teacher having to uselessly say, "put it away," as excessive use can result in school security being sent to the classroom STAT, fully automated, no intervention by teacher or staff needed..
This is my best contribution to society to date. I figured this out last night, Cinco de Mayo, Rather hope it goes viral. Our schools are in deep cultural change doodoo right now. BTW, phones without the app that come to the teacher's attention, can also be picked up by school security, and then only given to student's parent.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Of Sunspots, Indian Baskets, and Solar Power

Some say that our global climate changes are a result of a decreasing number of sunspots, not carbon pollution.  For a review, try: http://www.aip.org/history/climate/solar.htm

Regardless of what is causing it, we will need power to desalinize water, power to air condition and to heat, transportation, etc.

Developing solar sources will soon be way more cost effective that harvesting oil from tar sands and fracking.  Developing solar will be less polluting as well.  And if the CO2 alarmist are right, helps solve the problem.  Ironic that a nuke plant in Boston was shut down last night, unsafe to run in a blizzard?

Had a dream last night that included a perfect modern stroller, with the structural parts still plastic and nylon and aluminum, and the nylon shell replaced with most excellent woven basketry.  Would make an interesting art piece, possibly a source of income to Nisenan descendants, who could make them for yuppie couples who have everything, and can afford a grand a pop?

F Macdoogle Casey Jones

Test post, IGNORE, please. "G", I wish I could take bus 99.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Can We Afford this Bleedout by the Banks?

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We need an amendment to the Constitution, that limits the total "fees" bank institutions can charge to both parties in a transaction, to 1% combined, when the transaction requires only electronics to complete the transfer.

Currently banks are raping this country, picking up 2 to 4%, of every transaction they handle. It is completely insane that we as a nation put up with this. The money saved to consumers would put far more cash back into circulation than anyone can imagine.

The cost to a bank for handling such transactions is miniscule, compared to their current charges, and even 1% would be gifting them huge profits.

Lower those rates, or nationalize those banks.

Vacinations and "Illegal" Workers (draft)

And if the "Illegals" were all demanding vaccinations ( after coming here to take the jobs Americans are effectively on strike for for higher wages, pay $20/hour, and every crop in the country would be picked by true blue Amuricuns), then Bill Orth would be screaming about freeloading the medical system. You want to guarantee every worker is an American, PAY UP!

You want a job, get a national ID card, with biometrics. Roving Verification Vans can be certain every employer can verify, and put yet more Amuricuns to work, paid for by the tax paying public, not the employers.

Problem solved, it isn't rocket science, if indeed the 1% wanted it done. They don't, they keep us in the dark ages, to get cheap laborers to cross the borders, and to keep the rest of us barefoot and pregnant. Thanks a lot, Overlords of 3rd World USA, a work in progress that is progressing faster than any of us, including the Overlords, know.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tom McClintock's "Logic"


So politician McClintock is saying that for the cost of $3 more per hour per minimum wage worker, all kinds of jobs will simply disappear?  Most places of employment have many other jobs which pay more, and a great deal of cash goes into increasing the owners equity, and McClintock things all these enterprises will just shut altogether down?  I highly doubt that.  Most owners will cut the salaries to others, and as a last resort will decrease the rate of increase in their own equity, rather than throw the entire enterprise away.

Very few minimum wage workers are in their first years of employment.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Chemtrails or Contrails, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

This is for all of you who are convinced chemtrails are a deliberate attempt to do bad things to people. To me, there are enough of you by now to easily pool your resources and do the experiment:

1. Rent or purchase an aircraft suitable for intercepting a chemtrail at a safe distance behind a jet creating it.

2. Secure permissions as needed to safely cross a chemtrail without tipping off the authorities as to the true nature of your mission. HIgh altitude parachuting, or some scientific experiments that need to be conducted at the appropriate altitude. Figure something out, and there are admittedly a lot of details and bases to be covered here. Nobody said the FAA was simple.

3. Collect samples of the chemtrail "cloud."

4. Repeat at least 50 times, preferable 500.

5. Rent a second jet to capture some of the chemtrail your own jet creates.

6. Analyze all of the samples, and publish results
Once the basic science has been done, please get back to me. Discussing cow farts in yonder field without real data from samples as they exit the cow, is poor herdsmanship, and leads to completely speculative ideas, without the necessary experimentation to prove your points.

High Speed Rail?

It's a baby step in the right direction, but I would redesign the entire transit system.

Powertrain, suspension and steering, and computer autopilot need to be separate, standardized units, in a variety of sizes and powers. You rent these as needed.

Passenger cabs are owned by the consumer, and are detachable.

If you want to go long distances. You get your cab loaded onto a flat car on rails, enclosed tube for train optional. You zip to LA at 300mph plus, solar powered train. You cab is then re-attached to another powertrain combo. That can be electric or diesel or gas, depending on your desires and pocket book.

40,000 die each year, many more maimed, incredible costs in dollars and emotions. Only a mad species on a mad planet would keep this up for yet another century.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Good Year to Invest?

For everyone who invests in the stock market and makes the right choices, there is going to be another who works just as hard, makes very carefully researched choices, and winds up losing it all, back to square one. Not even Warren Buffet is precisely able to call the house on that one. The big brokerages love to see that mythof little guy saves cash, invests, and makes it big, perpetuated, it brings in more suckers to the table.

Now I ask you, who in the game gets to see all the cards of enough of the other players to make statistically accurate and useful predictions about the other players future moves?

Who get to know in advance the future buys and sell of the other players?

Who made certain that there are no taxes paid on the up to $40,000,000,000 bought and sold every single day? ( a .25/$100 bought/sold would go a long way towards solving the national debt). They are also the overseers of the fiction of "trading" rather than buying and selling, which would make the tax target way more obvious.

Such a tax would be the perfect "flat tax," which so many libertarians thin would solve the world's ills. Rich and poor would pay at the same rate.

Yes who indeed, other than the major richer than stink brokerages? They could own it all, but that would make way too obvious what is going on. They trout fish the pockets of the American middle and lower classes.

Yes indeed the stock market might be better called the "stick market" and unowho is the one getting stuck but good. BTW, even on the way down, the big brokerages are smiling all the way to the banks. Is there a way down due soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rubio and Obama both miss the Obvious

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Seems both Rubio and Obama consider ISIS a tough nut to crack, and hint not too subtly that USA ground troops may be needed.  They both state that a Big Problem with ISIS is that it is well funded with oil money, which they go right on selling on a daily basis.

During WWII, Operation Tidal Wave was unsuccessful, but at least it showed we knew what was important:


Given our knowledge of oil extraction and transport facilities, it should not be too hard to figure out what surgical strikes are needed to stop this source of revenue without completely destroying the  components needed to rebuild after ISIS is no more.  Why on earth should there be a hands off attitude on this ever so obvious target?

Is our goal is to knock out ISIS, but only if it can be done without jiggering with the world's oil supply too much?  If so, American servicepeople should be notified of what they are fighting for, in this case The Seven Sisters, and allowed to opt out.

Massive solar installs within the USA would strike a blow to ISIS from which they would never recover. Simple simple, but not anything the Seven Sisters will support.  Know your enemy, it ain't ISIS.  If you look up just "The Seven Sisters" on Wikipedia, you have to scroll way down to find a reference to the book.  If you add in Oil Companies, they know the jig is up, and that you already know what the reference means, and they do given you a bit, which is inaccurate,  The term goes way back before the 1950's.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Sisters_%28oil_companies%29

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On the Bicycle "Problem."

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If you can't figure out how to drive safely and comfortably past cyclists and all other persons, animals, and fallen trees, etc., you need to either slow down, pay more attention to the road, or get a smaller, narrower vehicle, or possibly all three. Thanks for all who have helped me formulate this stand. Too bad it won't fit on a bumper sticker.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Stone Bear vs the Nevada County Cro-Magnons

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Well this is a side on NC I'd never heard of: 


What to do about ISIS ?

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 Our entire foreign policy is based of keeping the oil companies as necessary and integral parts of our transportation system and economy.  They pay to lobby against the most logical way to make the Middle East a more civilized place in the long run.  That way is to have the USA government make solar power into a complete replacement for our oil centric transportation system, be it socialized or subsidized by the tax payers capitalism.  The citizens of the USA would get far more for their money in the long run via solar, and none would have to fight and die abroad, for the sake of the shareholders of the Seven Sisters, AKA, the Big Oil companies of the world.

The on-going wars for oil have resulted in the latest seemingly un-winnable situation, but I may have a partial solution:

Given that this is basically a guerrilla war situation, and we have failed hopelessly at using the solar option, I would propose the following technique to dispose of the fighters with as few civilian casualties as possible.

Drop extra ammo on them, where every 100th, 50th, 10th, or so round explodes in the chamber, using C4, to take out the user and anyone nearby.

To get this kind of ammo to them, there are several possible ways:

Have a group in an active firefight withdraw from the field, leaving behind ample supplies.

On an active battlefield, have small quad copter drones fly it in and leave it.  

Send a boxcar from Aleppo to Ar Raqqah (ISIS HQ), also containing hundreds of small drones.  Have those drones pre-flight instructed to go to hundreds of different sites around the city, in the dead of night, and then return to their boxcar post-flight.

In all cases, it would be best to find out if there is any standard packaging that the ISIS fighters are accustomed to, and to use it. 

This could also be done with larger artillery shells, but in that case, make each and every one be a C4 packed shell.

One other thing, when the C4 goes off, it also releases a dye, that contaminates all the remaining shell in the vicinity, so that should a friendly fighter, Peshmerga or who ever, will not use them, and it will aid in the careful handling of such shells for disposal, afterwards.

In short order the scene in ISIS would become one of:  "Sarge, are you sure this ammo is OK?"  "yeah, go ahead, use it."   KABOOM!   The chain of command would become very much so distrusted, and at least one less fighter and one less rifle, or artillery piece, with each successful hit. 

The oil companies will never allow this to be implemented, as I would agree with many, keeping the average American scared, is their goal, so that "bidness"  selling oil Texas style, can continue as usual.  I will again remind folks that one nuke placed in Galveston Bay will knock out 25% of USA refining capacity, and thus do major damage to our infra-structure, and that national security, if taken seriously, demands we decentralize our dependence on oil for our transportation needs. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

How to Stop the Slaughter of Innocents, Revisited.

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On Nevada County Vents I was asked how I would stop the killings, Sandy Hook and Santa Barbara.

Outlined it before, but here you go again. 


Want to buy a gun? You get a thorough background check, and you post a bond, equal to at least 1/2 the value of the weapon. 


After a year goes by, you have 6 months to go to a bombproof drive through, put your guns in a drawer, the guns are whisked inside, the serial numbers are checked against the sale photos, a test bullet is fired and saved. You get your guns back. 


 If you don't have them, the government keeps the bond, and you are not allowed to buy another gun for five years. If you can't afford the 1/2 the cost, there will be plenty of insurance companies willing to step in and help out, for a fee of course. 


Now here's my latest wrinkle. Before you can buy a gun, you have to get three people who have known you for over 1 year to declare to the government that you are not likely to be or go nuts. Just three people, mind you. If they turn out to be wrong, 50% of any tax refund due to each one of them, will be deducted next IRS time. Wrong would include anything that involves illegal activity and your weapon. (losing it, anyone shot with it (including yourself) etc. 


If you lose your weapon to a documented theft from your premises, this bond loss does not occur. Documented theft would include before pictures of secured to building gun safe, and guns in the safe, and then either the damage done to the structure or if it is still there, the remains of the safe. You must notified the local sheriff within 48 hours if such a break-in occurs. Obviously you can rig an alarm that notifies you over the internet. 


In short, you can keep all the guns you want, but you've got to have others to vouch for your sanity, and you have to keep them secure. 


In time, crime committed with guns can be quickly traced to the owner, and to the locality where a theft may have occurred. Owners will have a much greater chance of getting their guns back if the thieves are caught for anything, even if they file off the serial numbers. Remember the test round? That provides the ID that gets your gun returned to you. I assume you have no problem with that aspect of things. BTW you did ask how, so here is my answer.


Test rounds do not work for shotguns, sorry about that.


A few notes that cropped up:


  • Jennifer Olson Doug, are you trying to change his beliefs or are you trying to be right ?
  • Jennifer Olson It's like spitting in the wind..
  • Davi Rodrigues Douglas, I commend you on devising a plan. It is, unworkable and unconstitutional though. Putting up a bond just to exercise a constitutional right? that would be struck down like the poll tax. The poor couldn't afford to have a right. The three wise men to sign for you is another failure. This is a fundamental right douglas. Fundamental rights do not hinge upon your knowing 3 people that would lose out if you failed somehow.
  • Davi Rodrigues Also, test round firing results would be very difficult to match up by the results alone. They're like analyzing lie detector graphs. The manpower it takes would be prohibitive
  • Douglas Keachie We The People is supposed to mean something. We do not stand as individuals in the bleeping wilderness, we bond and know one another, at least within small groups. Are you telling me you don't have three people who can stick their necks out for you? Well T.S. Elliot, learn to be a little more social before we give you a deadly weapon with REACH well beyond you mind, apparently.
  • Jennifer Olson You just have a stronger stomach than me Douglas , I understand what you are saying and it is maddening to me that others don't . When it becomes emotional I no longer find myself being rational I find myself being defensive because it is maddening .. ...See More
  • Davi Rodrigues I know 3 people, but I know others who don't. But once again, individual rights do not hinge upon your friends and neighbors extending them to you
  • Douglas Keachie A society has to protect itself from within its members. Using shrinks is maybe ok for some obvious defects, but just as we have 12 of our peers on a jury, to decide all kinds of things about our "fundamental rights," so then can we round up three fri...See More
  • Davi Rodrigues We're not talking about just three people knowing you. we're looking for three people to co-sign for you
  • Douglas Keachie That's exactly right! Of course, they might like you to co-sign for them. So it shouldn't be that hard, and also would let you know who your friends really are. This is getting delicious!
  • Ae Stewart It's a sad day in Isle Vista. Spent some time there when I was younger, going to bed.
  • Jennifer Olson Agreed Ae.. Stepping away from this debate .. Sleep sounds like a much better option . I find myself thinking of loss not politics. Sad indeed. Finding nothing at all "delicious" about this topic
    9 mins · Edited · Like · 1
  • Ae Stewart There doesn't seem to be an emoticon for "tears..."
  • Douglas Keachie "The manpower it takes would be prohibitive" can be done by computers, just like facial analysis.
  • Douglas Keachie I take my best throughts and place them where I can reference them easily in other debates, and where my offspring can see I at least tried, and maybe they can build on it: http://farstars.blogspot.com/.../how-to-stop-slaughter-of...